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Many families need and use child care in addition to what parents can provide. Most children and about half of all infants have parents who work outside the home. According to Brazelton finding child care is more than merely picking a service that lets parents go to work. More importantly, parents are choosing a whole world for their child, a world that affects the child's physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Making a good choice is not easy. Choosing the right pre school for your little one can be a very difficult decision. It is hard enough to finally realize that it is time to let them go, to actually be without them and send them out in the world without you (McCartney & Galanoupoulos, 1988). There are so many things to consider in choosing the right center. How does the staff treat the children? How much supervision do they really have? Are there enough employees to provide adequate care? Are they providing activities that will stimulate your child or are they just allowing them to wander about? How about snack time? Are they careful with each child and their needs? (Borge, & Hartman, 1994).

The face of daycare is changing now with a revolutionary new service now available in some day care and pre schools. It is called Parentwatch is an internet based company that started in 1998. They are based in New York and their program is absolutely wonderful. They set up a video system in your daycare center and you can view what your child is doing at any time of the day. You never have to sit at your desk at work and wonder what they are up to again. Just log on to their secure server put in your pass code and you are...