Paris Is Amazing

Essay by tim_fost695Junior High, 8th grade September 2006

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Dear diary

Paris is amazing!

I've had the most brilliant day and I can't wait to share it with you.

The sounds, smells and sights enthralled me. I think they have made an imprint in my mind not to mention a dent in my heart.

I spent the day on my own but yet, I never felt lonely. I began the day with coffee and croissants at a quaint little restaurant that overlooked the Seine River. The setting was perfect; I sat on the pavement taking in all the sights and wonders of Paris. All along the river were up and coming artists displaying their works, hackling with potential buyers. Stalls; selling T. shirts and miniature Eiffel towers. On every corner is a family bakery with the most interesting and delicious pastries. I confess that I tasted as much as I could in one day.

After a stroll along the river, I caught a taxi to the famous art museum known as the Louvre. I had to cut my tour short otherwise I wouldn't have seen anything else in Paris. The Louvre was huge containing; old, exotic and world famous paintings. I thankfully managed to see the famous Mona Lisa; they say her eyes follow you. (A little too spooky for me)

You can't visit Paris without going up the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889, it towers over the city and the view from up there was spectacular. It truly took my breath away. The trip up in the lift however was a bit nerve racking. The architecture of the buildings and old churches like the Notre Dame was beautiful...if only they made buildings like that today.

I watched the locals performing on the street corners; clown acts, riding a uni-cycle you name it I experienced it...