The Paris Peace Talks- Objectives of the Big Three.

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In World War I 60,000,000 fought and millions and millions died. All the factories, railways, houses, mines etc. were all destroyed were in the region of France and so it was reasonable that France was extremely mad and utterly despised the Germans. They definitely wanted to have revenge towards the Germans in the Treaty of Versailles.

On Nov. 11, 1918 Germany signed the Armistice that was between the Allies and the Central Powers, then in January 1919, 32 countries went to Versailles to discuss the punishment of Germany and Germany wasn't able to speak their voice since they didn't invite them.

The three main countries that were in charge of the Treaty of Versailles were America, Britain, and France. As said before, the French hated the Germans. Not only was everything in France practically destroyed, Alsace-Lorraine was once lost to the Germans when the French was defeated. So it's very normal that anger was built up inside Georges Clemenceau, the prime minister of France and their representative during the meeting.

He wanted revenge so they severely punish the Germans. He wanted to make them so useless and weak so they will never again be a threat to France. It predictable that he would suggest for the Germans to pay more than what was damaged because of the war. Clemenceau's main goal was to make to Germans suffer.

Another main leader during the meeting was America's President Woodrow Wilson. He, on the other hand, had a complete different idea that Clemenceau's. He wanted the world to be safe and he wanted a fair peace. He believed that one of the causes for the war was the lack of self-determination. Self-determination is the right for the people of that nation to choose their government, elections and to not be interfered...