Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 1

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Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 1

Parker Earth Moving Company is a producer of superior quality

small moving equipment usually used in the home and small business landscaping industry. Parker Earth Moving Company (PEMC) was founded by Zeb Taylor, a high-quality small earthmoving equipment at homes and small landscaping industries. Its manufacturing and distribution products facility is located in Reno, Nevada. The company has hired us as a team of industry experts to evaluate its system operation management in order to improve its process. As a team we must carry out a series of consulting sessions for Parker Earth Moving Company in which we will recommend improvements to the business process, which will be explained in details in this essay.

The consulting firm has been contracted due to the fact that they must

identify the needs of the customer which is PEMC.

The consulting firm has detected 3 main needs for PEMC. Since the company has limited space available for a certain amount of production and storage of inventory; the first change that is needed for PEMC is a more spacious facility with extra storage capabilities. The second is the hiring of additional employees and the third is the scheduling required eleven week training course on earthmoving equipment.

To determine a client's needs first we have to understand customer needs and determine what our client wants. This way we can determine what products or services the customer can provide. When these needs are determined we know what our goal is.

To determine the needs of the customer we have to analyze the data provided by PEMC. In analyzing the data we know that PEMS has a capacity to produce ten thousand units a month working two shifts five...