Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

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Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

Looking at the current state of Parker Earth Moving Company's technology department, it does not look very promising. This department is not up to date with new technologies, the actual department is not involved in the business and it does not serve a major purpose in the company. The department head is not familiar with the latest technology trends. In an effort to improve this area of business for Parker Earth Moving Company the following issues will be addressed; how technologies are currently used in operations management, the evolution of information technology in operation management. Also, the technologies that used to be available and what is available now, potential problems that managers will experience adapting to new technology and recommendations for PEMC to improve their business.

In operations management big or small businesses use the power of business computer programs to help facilitate their work.

For example, currently in retail stores they have live inventory where as soon as an item is sold at the cash register the item is immediately deducted from the general inventory. Also at the same time, an order can be created to replenish the product. In the area of human resources there are programs that provide an easy way to schedule employees to cover shifts. In the area of finance and accounting there are programs that provide data to analyze the current financial state of the business. In the area of shipping and receiving stores have the ability to scan the received item and it is immediately added to the inventory. As these technologies help a business to stay competitive with other companies and make the job a lot easier.

Technology has changed dramatically...