Parking Dilemma

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Parking Dilemma

Unfortunately, conflicts in the UTSA parking administration haven't improved over the months or years. On the contrary they have worsened due to construction of new facilities, advanced structures and extensive planning for future projects. Students aren't the only ones that are being affected; the faculty at UTSA also are experiencing difficulties in parking spaces since the students are illegally parking in there assigned space. Due to the lack of experience in the facilities planning and development administration, the UTSA students are suffering the most by coming in earlier and still getting tardy to class. Students are constantly getting fines because of there desperate need for a parking space and the ticking of the time schedule to meet, so they park in illegal parking spaces or in faculty spaces and are getting tickets. Tyler Grau said "It's easier to find a date on Friday night than it is to find parking space" (1).

Seeing the truth of the statement, the administration has there work cut out for them. Possible solutions to this crisis have risen, a garage project and a limited permit distribution administration, both with promising and effective results.

The obvious solution to end the crisis would be to build more parking spaces. Simply just issue out a certain number of permits to the students as a first come, first serve basis (limited permit distribution). Let's say, there's 10,000 parking spaces, then the students who get here first are given the permits and are the only ones able to park inside the campus. The permits stop the overflow of the limited parking spaces. In addition students with declared PhD degrees would get special permits and would have there parking space closer to the campus, students with masters degree would follow and so forth. As for the rest who...