"Parking at the REC Center" Teacher comments: Work on justification part of paper. Grad: 80% Paper about why parking should be more regulated at the gym.

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Parking at the REC Center

Last semester my boyfriend had an early morning weight training class that took place in the Student Recreation Center (REC). He struggled every morning to find a space to park, and usually ended up not finding one in the REC parking lot at all. He usually had to park quite a ways away from the REC, where his class was. One morning he was running late and he decided to park in a non-designated parking space in the REC parking lot. He did this because there were no open spaces and he did not want to be late to class. He got a ticket for parking in the non-designated parking space. I am sure this happens to many students at the University of Idaho, and students should know by now to not park in non-designated parking spaces, because you will get a ticket.

My boyfriend admits that he was in the wrong, but he decided to go to the parking building and explain why he parked where he did. He explained to them that there are rarely ever any open parking spaces in the REC parking lot, but at the same time, there are very few people inside the REC.

The Student Recreation Center is one of the gyms at the University of Idaho. Considering the large size of the REC, the parking lot is fairly small. Most of the parking lots at the University of Idaho require a parking permit to park there. No permit is required to park at the REC, and that is why, I believe, the parking lot is nearly always full. The parking lot is also not monitored very well, so students can park there for long amounts of time without being ticketed.

Many University of...