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page 1 A cult is a group or sect bound together by devotion. Chances, risk taking are so issues that occur in cults. There are many pros and cons about cults. Cults are formed in many ways. There are many ways people get you to be in their cult. believe it or not there may not seem to be a lot of cults, but they are a world wide issue.

The first thing in forming a cult is for a person to announce that he or she has found a new way of existence, and has a mission to bring it to a select chosen few. The next thing is to have a leader. The leader has achieved there knowledge by dreams, visions, drugs or extraterrestrials. The leader must be strong-willed, persuasive, and completely self-centered. The leader remains on top of whatever structure the cult takes, and all authority and decision making rest with them.

All leaders love the center of attention, all love to respect and devotion and veneration of the cult members is directed toward them. The leaders of the cult are so obsessed with personal control that they will demand extreme sacrifices from their followers, such as giving up all their possessions, their jobs and careers, and even their children. These sacrifices by members, indecently, become the main source of income for the cults and there leaders.

The people who join cults are the people who have a stage in there life where they are so confused and uncertainly, these people are usually teens and young people page 2 who ate looking for a direction. These people are found by recruiters often centering their efforts on college campuses where young people are away for the first time. Cults focus on young people and provide their hard work that may be involved in maintaining a separate community. People may even have grown up in the cult or they may have married someone in the cult. Children who are born into the cult often remain loyal to it. Older people also tend to be in a cult because they may have much doubt and uncertainty. The feeling of loss of a job may cause feelings of unworthiness, and divorce may cause loneliness or loss of direction of life.

With all the new members they recruit they are the ones who have to provide some money for the cult to live on. The money that the new members give to the group is not enough, they must engage in money making enterprises, that are started by cult members. Some cults, such as the Hare Krishna turns new members into a virtual beggars (Goodnough, pg. 30). Some making their members work at jobs with little or no pay, with their money they make going to the cult. Other cult engage in fraudulent and even legal practices which can result in jail sentences or fines for cult members. Another way they get money is cyberspace where they talk and chat with people. Most of the members are computer engineers who build their websites. They also chatted with teenagers and other people who were interested in their group.

page 3 There are many cults in America, probably too man to count. One is the Apocalyptic cult. They are the most familiar cult and the most religious. They basically believe the whole world is going to end on a certain day, and that is called the apocalypse, which is the triumph of good over evil. There is another cult just like the apocalypse, which is the Jehovah Witness. Which is one of the less destructive cults. They believe the world will come to an end on a certain day. They prepare for this by praying. They used to announce specific dates for the end of the world and when these days would come around and nothing would happen, they would just go about there business waiting for the final day to come. A very destructive Doomsday cult is the Davidains of the Waco cult which was formed in Texas. they attracted themselves to the police by arming themselves with an arsenal of weapons. One of the worst members of this cult is David Longer. He murdered five of his members because he found decoded words in the bible saying the world was coming to an end. They killed a whole family as a sacrifice to entice Jesus Christ back to earth to start the apocalypse. One of the most ruthless cults of all was the Charles Manson cult. He was one of the ruthless cult members alive. He used to brain wash was members to what he told them to do. He brain wash 300 people to take a pill because he said the world was ending. They all died except for Charles Manson. Which he is in the San page 4 Quentin prison and was denied parole in 1997 for the ninth time. The most notorious cult is the Satanic cult, which is so notorious and recruit new people underground.. whole communities have been torn apart by the belief that were devil worshipers in there midst corrupting their children, and practicing obscene rituals in private homes. However, all cults are not bad. A cult that is not bad is the shakers. They would just have meetings and pretend to have visions and pretend to shake. Another cult that is not hurtful is the Mormons. Their church name is the Latter Day Saints. Their order by God was to have more than one wife. Another cult like the Mormons is the India cult. The leader was John Humphrey Noyes. He said that anything he did as long as it was meant well was right with God. All John wanted to do was make love with women but the marriage laws prevented him from doing this.

There are many pros and cons about cults. Some pros are that they believe in a different religion which makes them unique. But there are a lot of cons, which most of them are destructive, cruel and killing of innocent people and brainwashing which destroys people's minds. Another is that there is nothing good that comes out of cults and what they believe in. It's only a belief in what they believe in and their belief can never exist.

As you can see that there are a lot of good and bad things about cults and that page 5 there are a lot of them around and they are impossible to find or stop. I hope now you have a better insight on how cults are formed and what they are all about.