Parodies Present in Divorce, Italian Style

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Alana Sanchez-Prak

Italian 46; Lecture 1

Fall 2013

Discussion 1C

Parodies Present in Divore, Italian Style

Pietro Germi, director of Divorce, Italian Style takes Italian customs and parodies them in a comedic light. Three customs parodied are stated in "The Importance of Spectacle" written in 1964. These include facial expressions, gestures, and enthusiasm. Germi parodies them through his characters Fefe and Rosalia. Through these characters he successfully goes over the top in order to make fun of these traditional customs and give the audience a good laugh.

The bluntest mannerism parodied in Divorce Italian Style is the Italians' use of facial expressions. As in many Italian films, facial expressions appear to be the most exaggerated. Perhaps in order to make it more clear for the audience what the character is feeling. The perfect example of Germi's parody to this mannerism is Fefe's facial expressions. For instance, during his fantasy of many different deaths of Rosalia, Fefe has the same, blank empty stare foreshadowing to another comedic scene.

The exaggerations are Germi's way of truly parodying the importance of facial expressions in Italian culture. Another such example includes Fefe's mouth twitch. This twitch appears only when Fefe feels a great satisfaction towards a thought he has or an action that is being performed. This subtle hint not only gives the audience a good laugh but also shows how something so small and minute can be easily recognized as a hint to something else.

Another custom that is prominent within Italian culture is the use of gestures. Whether it be of the face or with the hands, Italians are commonly known for their highly expressive gestures that are able to effectively and accurately express their feelings. One gesture that is parodied in the film is the gesture of the cuckold. The...