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Whether or not you know it, parole affects every single person in the United States. Parole is a carefully constructed bridge between incarceration and return to the community. “Parole is a conditional release, which allows some offenders to continue to serve the balance of their sentence outside of the institution. Parole does not mean that offenders are completely free, without supervision. It does mean that they have an opportunity, under the supervision and assistance of a parole officer, to become productive members of society (” It seems that it is harder and harder to stay with in this definition. It could be that people are interpreting it is a different way, therefore getting away from the purpose. The effect that parole causes, affects everyone in this state and in any other state.

“In the state of California there are 173,000 prisoners sleeping in gyms, dayrooms and classrooms – and state prison facilities will likely run out of space by this time next year.

California has the highest recidivism rate in the country: 70 percent of prisoners are re-imprisoned within three years” (Bailey and Hayes).

The state builds more prisons so it can house the growing prison population which in turns, costs law abiding citizens higher taxes for the state budget. Building more prisons does not solve the rising prison population. If the state would start investing tax payer’s money on more drug rehabilitation programs, educational and job training programs for parolees; it would reduce the state’s prison population. Thus saving the state and tax payers more money in the long run. These types of programs would benefit everyone in the state. A lot of parolees have no educational skills, due to the fact that they have been incarcerated much of the adult life, or they have a major substance abuse...