This part is about the 4P's or marketing Mix of a "made-up product" for the Dutch Market. A facial massage device for men.

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Everything has it's place, therefore also our product, we ofcourse want that our product perfectly blends into the market so our product will be accepted fast and will be purchased quicker. Therefore a we are going to use the 4 P's and will adjust them for our purpose.


Price is what consumers pay to get the product . According to Kotler, there are several pricing strategies. Our company is launching a new product but we are also aware that our position in the market is rather weak. We are a so-called starting company and the only protection in terms of competition is our trade name. Therefore, if big firms realise that there is a market for similar products, like ours, we expect them to come up with those products in a very near future because they are in possession of similar technology. We also have to take into consideration that they can even improve the brush, their marketing campaigns can reach a greater number of people because they have the economical means to do so and last but not the least, they already occupy a position in consumer's minds.

Because we believe our product is of a high quality product and we want to offer it in the market at a quite low price we are choosing for the good-value strategy. We think that this strategy is the one that will help us achieve the mission and vision and attract large number of consumers and at the same time gain market share and already have a stronger position in the market in case the have to face eventual competition.

Setting a low or reasonable price, in combination with the uniqueness and innovation of the product and the fast growing market for men's skin care can help us reach our...