The part I liked most about this movie is when

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The part I liked most about this movie is when Cinque described what it was like on the boat to cuba. It was really sad how all those people were treated. They were striped, chained, and beaten. Hundreds of people were forced into one room at the boat of the ship. A woman had a baby and died shortly after. The next morning Cinque throw her body overboard. They were once a day, and only some of the slave got food. The Spainish crew didn't have enough food, so they drown fifty slaves. He also described how they were tortured and killed for the entertanment of the crew.

I learned a lot from this movie. The movie enlighted me on how mean and evil people were back than. Just because someone had been black they were considered property. A lot of people don't know the real stories of what happened.

This movie gives such an honest view of what really happened to people on the slave boats, and how they were captured .It also showed how people thought differently back than, and how people think today.

My favorite character in this movie would have to be Cinque. He was captured and enslaved. He saw many people tortured, killed, and taken from their families. He was very brave because he didn't give up on his goal (to reunite with his family). At the end of the story he was awarded his freedom. He went back to Africa to find his country in a civil war. His family was sold into slavery.