This was part of a report on the way the E-mail revolution has affected other methods of communication such as telephone conversations and writing letters.

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Many people bemoan the email revolution, complaining that it has replaced letter-writing, which they see as a superior form of communication. A few very important question can be asked about this statement. Could it be a difference of opinions between the old generation and the new generation? Could it be that one is simply easier then the other? Or could it be both? The debate goes on in which many people make a good case that the more technology makes our lives easier, the more our education goes down.

In today's world, writing letters to other people is "old fashioned" to many people. To many people writing letters is more of a suspense to read. It gives a lot more meaning to what the person states to the person he/she is writing to. When writing a letter, you get to think a lot more to what you are writing, and some people might even feel more emotional as the write each word to an important letter to a family member.

Some people might not be able to afford as much luxuries as other people could, so writing letters might be their only choice. The negative side about letter writing is that you might have bad handwriting, to which the other person wouldn't be able to read and understand. Also, sending mail is not free, especially if you send a letter internationally, which can cost you a good amount of money. Writing letters also take about 2 days to get to the person your sending the letter to, and that is only domestic letters. Even first class mail take a day to receive, so writing letters is the worse thing to do when it comes to emergency situations and urgent letters. In one situation, someone who you really care about would...