Part Two: Monday Morning

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I woke up feeling nauseous. I wasn't sure whether it was the fact that I had to go to school, or if that beef lasagna from last night exploded and decided to rush up out of my mouth. I think it was both, because I still dreaded my first day, and I still threw up the lasagna.


I felt brilliant after that, and mum made me her famous homemade soup to cheer me and my stomach up. I changed into my new school uniform. White cotton button-up shirt with a choice of shorts, pants or skirt. Or the dress. I never wore shorts, it was too warm in the summer for pants, and I didn't want to wear a short skirt on the first day, so I settled with the dress. It was black, and the hems, pocket and collar were white. It looked like I was in the navy, but I didn't care.

And apparently, I should've cared.

As we drove into my school's street, I took my first look at the school. I hadn't gone for orientation day because my parents enrolled me after the school holidays, so it was too late. Bundarra High looked like any other government school. It was large, with big, old trees in the front, oval on the side, but with older looking, shabby buildings. It wasn't too promising. I took off my seat belt and kissed mum goodbye. Then I opened the car door, got out and closed it. I took a long breath in to settle my nerves as I turned around to take my first step toward the new school year. The second I stepped out of the car, I was welcomed with a thousand stares. Girls looked at me as if I was a squished bug on a...