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1. The old way of everything decided by the Party has gone, and the division of functions between the Party and the government, between the government and enterprises, between the central government and the local governments has very much stressed. Now, the reform on governmental institutions is at full swing and enterprises will enjoy much more rights of their own decision.

2. The National People's Congress, China's Parliament, is playing the role of supreme political power of the country in the real sense. All important decisions must be reviewed and approved by the People's Congress.

3. The eight democratic parties have played increasing significant role in the running of state affairs. All important policies and decisions would be worked out with them or consulted with them in advance.

4. The life-long position holding system was abolished, and more and more highly competent and professionally specialized people have selected and elected to leading positions at all levels.

5. The legal system has been steadily improved, and legislation has been strengthened. The principle that all people are equal before the law and no individual or organization has the privilege to overstep it has been put into practice. Doing things according to law has become a common sense of responsibility .

6. The scope of democracy has been constantly extended. Decision-makings are no longer the will of an individual or a few people but the results of democratic process. At present, all grass-root organs of power and self-governing mass organizations in both urban and rural areas are elected directly.

7. The system of democratic supervision has been enforced. All government organs and personnel are under legal and popular supervision and abuses of power have been greatly reduced.

These and other political reforms and changes have guaranteed the smooth progress of economic reform...