The passage is about inequalities from the short story of Kurt vonnegut.

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Inequality should be clamped down!

"When inequality is the general role in society, the greatest inequalities attract no attention. When everything is more or less level, the slightest variation is noticed. Hence the more equal men are the more insatiable will be their longing for equality. Harrison was handicap but he wanted to be equal. No matter, how people treated him. Diana the so-called handicap General did something that should be looked into. A man who is like a shepherd who tried to lead people away from evil influence of the General, he was an intelligent man. Do you really know that his name "Bergeron" contains the French word "Berger" meaning a "Shepherd"? No matter, how people strive for it, all the conditions of life by misfortune, be perfectly equal. Even if by misfortune, such as absolute dead level were attained there would still be "inequalities" of intelligence which coming directly from God will ever escape the laws of man.

I have no obligation for apologizing for what Harrison did, just because he was intelligent no one had the right to kill him councisly. No one under earth would be equal in what we call intelligent level. Perhaps the most famous respected people agree, " There is indeed a manly and legitimate passion for equality which arouses in all men. A desire to be strong and respected. This passion tends to elevate the little man to the rank of the great. Why could a man be imprisoned?

IT is not peoples with democratic social state naturally scorn freedom on the contrarily, they have an instinctive taste for it. But freedom object of their desires. It is equality for which they feel an internal love. There is nothing so great that you can give to the handicaps than equality. We...