Passing an Amendment

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Passing the Amendments

All acts of war should be put to a national vote.

Anyone voting yes has to register as a volunteer

for service in the United States Army

This is an amendment that was not passed in 1916. I believe that this should be passed. Many people supporting war will not give up themselves or their children for the service. Many members of the government have voted "Yes", but they fail to allow their children to support the cause. Although this would alienate people that had no time, and maybe not create a war when war is needed.

Perhaps, if attacked, the president could declare an emergency and take action, but further action after this one problem is solved would require proper voting for war. This would also be a problem because it would need to tell national security secrets to the entire world. The average person does not always know the facts, and war could be changed drastically by hackers, propaganda, and publicity.

Another problem is that we live in a democratic republic not a free democracy. We elect representatives to make many decisions for us on a federal level -- war being one such decision. "This shouldn't change," many people exclaim. The problems created by a national vote for war outweigh the benefits. There is the issue of time, and there is the issue of security.

But, this amendment allows the people to completely control their country, and will defer aggressive attacks and propaganda against the President. It will be the communities fault. I would like this amendment to be passed under certain conditions. For emergency attacks and war tactics, the government should act. A vote would cause long periods of delay.