Passions and Pastimes

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Times change, and people change with them. In the '40s and '50s baseball dominated the sports pages. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and many others excited our minds with dreams of game winning home runs. Its hard to remember that today, as high speed internet brings video clips to your home computer and twenty four hour a day sorts news covers everything from Archery to Zen Basket Weaving. Our National Pastime just can't keep up with our new passions.

When I was young going to the ball game was the highlight of my week. Dad would load us all into the car and drive us 15 miles to the stadium. The dust was thick as a London fog as we bounced and jounced along the rutted dirt roads. He would park the car in the field across the street and lead us all up to the ticket window. Once inside we, being the excited kids we were, would rush down to the field level and try to get the players autographs on a card or ball we had brought along.

Once the game began we would relax in the wooden seats and munch on hot dogs and peanuts as the sun slowly made its way across the sky.

At the end of the game every fan in the place would stand and applaud our heroes, win or lose. We did it because we loved what they gave us every game. While winning was better, we still loved them if the game went against us. Then we would head for the car, taking our time to enjoy the twilight and how it made everything look golden and magical as we wandered across the field. Another slow bouncing ride home found dad, hat in hand, scratching his head at home as he...