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In the article, "Passports for all", The National Post editorial illustrates a rivalry for the values of security and protection for all travellers seeking entry to the United States. The author portrays an ethical dilemma as encountered by the Canadians as a consequence of a post 9/11. U.S Congress is pushing for Canadian visitors to present forgery proof identification. (The National Post, 2003).

The equity issues discussed in this article are race and class. The main focus is aimed at temporary visitors and refugee applicants, especially those of Muslim descent. (The National Post, 2003) These specific issues targeted categories that were to be the biggest security threats to our society.

In the author's point of view, he supports the proposition that will require all travellers to present proper form of identification for safety and security purposes. (The National Post, 2003). First of all, he criticize that Canada is too lenient in their screening process.

Secondly, he implemented that passport requirement would allow border officials to better focus on those considered to be the biggest security threat. Lastly, he mentioned that the new policy might lead to the creation of national ID card. (The National Post, 2003)

The author's arguments clearly demonstrate a historical context for the issues I have discussed thoroughly in this analysis, class and race. Temporary visitors and Muslims natives lie central of this discussion. Nonetheless, Saddam Hussein and his counterparts were blamed for the catastrophic 9/11 aftermath that traumatized the world. The outcome of this tragedy has caused extra security measures to be taken.

In my opinion, I felt that this article lacked the necessities to achieve equity. If equity guarantees equal rights and opportunities for all, then why was a specific group targeted in this article? I comprehend that the Muslims may...