Past and Present Society

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The eighth amendment gives Americans protection from cruel and unusual punishment, but sometimes society tends to be cruel and unusual. For hundreds of years there has been racism throughout the country. In society today, we all have our own racial identity, which in many cases influences who we are, as well as how we are perceived in society.

Thinking back on my family tree I know that I come form an English/German background. Many of my ancestors came from England. Jon Ellis, an ancestor from my father's side of the family, was shipped to America from England in chains on the Mayflower. My ancestors are not people I know very much about, but I do know that they helped to create a democracy. If it were not for them I would not be free to come and go as I do today. For that I will always be thankful.

Stereotypes are made about people everyday. Society today sees me as a blonde hair white girl or just an All-American white girl. As a white 18 year old woman, society tends to look at me as if I am a prep that cares about my looks and that I have money just because I live in a nice house in Des Peres. I guess you could say I am at times perceived as a rich girl. Society has not only judged me but it has also influenced me. I normally dress in clothes consisting of tight jeans and cute tops from stores like Weathervane and Wet Seal because that is the "style". In wearing these clothes I have influenced other white girls to do the same. Therefore I have had an impact on teen society.

Racial issues in society occur daily. Blacks and whites are supposed to be equal,