Past and Present Titans.

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Past and Present Titans

This assignment is to compare two of America's richest and most powerful leaders of industry in the past and present. It's gotten to a point where there are more and more women who are CEO's, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Traders. You think from all this, a name or two would be remembered. There is a name that still shines among women traders, Hetty Green even though she flourished a hundred years ago. Now a day's there are women acting, talking on TV. One of them is Oprah Winfrey the richest talk show hostess in America. She is the richest African-American. Both Hetty and Oprah had their dream come true. Hetty wanted to become a trader and Oprah wanted to become a talk show hostess.

Hetty Green was the richest American woman in her days. Hetty Green's relatives were very rich mainly because of farming, trading with Indians, Slavery, land sales, rum, Russian iron, trading, merchant marine, and most of all whaling.

Her dad thought her about negotiating, stocks and bonds, and many other qualities for being a successful business person. Upon her father's death, Hetty inherited one million dollars and a four million dollar trust fund. Two weeks later her aunt died and she left Hetty $65,000. Hetty made her money the old fashioned way by inheriting it. Just like Hetty, Oprah Winferey is one of the richest women in America. Oprah is the richest talk show hostess. From the time when she was a little girl Oprah knew what she wanted to do for a living- be paid to talk. Oprah has her own show on TV it is called "the Oprah Winfrey show". Oprah earns 31 million per year. Which made her the highest paid per former in show business.

Hetty Green was...