"The past is a different country. They do things differently there" Is this an appropriate comment concerning medical history? Give some specific examples from tutorials and lectures.

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The world of the past:

Since the ancient times to modern days, there has been progression in most aspects of medical history including technology and perspectives of human beings towards different medical approaches. This is because of the widening of understanding, and also ones will to understand beyond their scope.

However, background from the past is needed in order to do things today. During the past, people believed in treatments and mythical approaches that were believed cure diseases. (Some examples would be shown in the essay).

Over the centuries, there have been researchers, doctors and scientists and also experimental people that have contributed to the development of knowledge, which many of them have been controversial during the time where notions had been the dominating theory for the cause and cure of a disease. It is through the major developments of knowledge and understanding that put distinctions between the past and present.

Therefore the past is a different country than that of today, due to the very slow and gradual change that has occurred.

During the very early times, supernatural notions were a dominant aspect, hence very little scientific knowledge was present. The Ancient Greeks say that medicine is not scientific, but rather that medicine is an art that looks at the body and soul in an intuitive way. According to one of the journal articles human remains had been found which revealed the evidence of malaria, and also these findings show a "population of a 40 year life expectancy plagued with dental caries, agents of linear hypoplasia, anemia, thalassemia, and treponematoses" I. These evidence do agree to the fact that the Ancient Greeks thought on supernatural terms, and hence there was very little or no scientific understanding, into the causes of diseases.

The first known descriptions of blood circulation was...