Past, Present, and Future

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Past, Present and Future

Lawrence Collins, Jr.

GEN 480

July 8, 2013

Remona Clark

Past Present and Future


Every student has his or her story. Mine began in the cafeteria where I had worked. A fellow employee was working on his homework during lunch. Being curious, I asked questions. As with my friend, I immediately saw the potential for University of Phoenix (UOP) to help me reach my long-term goals. Two years ago, I became a student at the University of Phoenix. About a year later, my nephew, attending a traditional university, completed his Master's Degree in Psychology. I am not ashamed to admit that I have used him as my inspiration and motivation to reach my own educational goals.

My path has not been an easy one. Beyond just the demands on my time to do the schoolwork to get the grades, I need, I have faced the same kinds of ordeals I am sure that almost any other student in some form has had to face.

There were the challenges any man or woman faces with financial worries, tornadoes that ravaged homes and businesses in my city, the stresses of juggling work and school and the everyday knocks that come along with life. What has kept me going was the knowledge that I am not a typical person. Everyone faces similar challenges. If he or she has the ability to succeed then I have it too.

Earning my Associates Degrees has given me extraordinary skills I would never have imagined on my own. It has opened up opportunities at the business where I work as well as with other companies. For now, I plan to stay where I am, but it is still flattering to know that my hard...