Past, Present, and Future Learning - Capstone Course

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Many believe that education and the process of lifelong learning is not important, but in reality, learning enables one to continually reflect upon and improve his or her personal and professional growth. Today's society is in a constant flux; change is prevalent and these changes encompass ones personal and professional experiences. "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" (Warhol, 1975, p. 113).

Lifelong learning begins with one's ability to change. One must embrace change through lifelong learning which improves ones critical thinking and decision-making skills. As one nears the end of the University of Phoenix bachelor's program, he or she must reflect upon his or her personal and professional life prior to beginning the program, evaluate the growth that students experience during the University of Phoenix program of study, and evaluate the impact of competing the university program on future and professional goals.

One's past, present and future-learning endeavors serve to teach the learner to embrace lifelong learning with an eye towards improving ones active learning through critical thinking and decision-making skills.

PastA reflection of one's past enables individuals to determine his or her state of mind prior to beginning a University program. One must ask oneself how he or she felt about the role of learning and its importance on one's personal growth and development; review one's professional competence in problem solving, written and oral communications skills, information retrieval, utilization, and collaboration. Finally, one must consider how his or her career goals played a part in the decision to begin the University of Phoenix program.

Learning and personal growth and developmentMany feel that the onus of learning and personal growth and development as the responsibilities of his or her employer, while others see learning and personal growth and development as an individual...