From Past to Present In this new age of development we take simple things like a telephone, a refrigerator, or a car, all for granted.

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Lets say you were born prior to 1945. Just stop and consider the changes you

might have witnessed. You were before television, before penicillin, frozen

foods, Xerox copiers, contact lenses, and the Pill. You were before radar,

credit cards, split atoms, ball point pens, dishwashers, air conditioners, and

before man walked on the Moon. You never heard of F.M. radio, tape decks,

electric typewriters, artificial hearts, yoghurt and blokes with earrings! In

the 1940's, Made in Japan meant JUNK, and the term making out referred to how

you did in an exam. Pizzas, Instant Coffee and McDonalds weren't heard of. In

your day, cigarette smoking was fashionable, grass was something you mowed, Coke

was a cold drink, Aids were people who helped others and pot was a name for

something you cooked in. People made do with what they didn?t have!

Today?s world is growing ever dependant on technology. The telephone for example

is something we all take for granted.

Every house is expected to have one and if

we find there is no phone, we seem to think that it is abnormal. The question,

however is, why is the telephone the cornerstone of modern life?

The telephone allows us nearly instant connections - between friends, families,

businesses, and nations - enable communications that enhance our lives,

industries, and economies. Truly, the telephone has brought the human family

together. With remarkable innovations, engineers have brought us from copper

wire to fibre optics, from switchboards to satellites, and then the Internet.

Initially a tool to link research centre computers, the Internet has become a

vital instrument of social change. The Internet is changing business practices,

educational pursuits, and personal communications. By providing global access to

news, commerce, and vast stores of information. The Internet brings us together

and adds convenience...