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My pastor of my church is a great speaker he has been a speaker for about 16 years, he have been through 6 different churches put now his at Deleon Spring Church of God. I don't get to go there that much only we I come Home for the weekend. But this one day he just touch my heart with the Word of god that he speech.

He speech was on Having faith, he main purpose of the speech is to let Us know faith without works are dead, basically what he was saying Was if you don't be determine in what you are doing you just can't Have Faith that you will get a job you have to get up a put some Effort in what you are trying today. There was one time when I decided To do my senior exit project at the last minute, so I prayed about it And I told my mother about the situation, she said you just can't sit Around and let it pop up so I decided to put in some work and I end Up getting it down on time.

Well my pastor decide to give us a example of what he was getting at So he used David and Goliath. David was a man of god and just wanted Peace in the society back then at those time there were giant living with Human's And there was a corrupt giant that was going around killing people So god called on David to stop the killing. So now David is like is He serious I'm 6'0 and Goliath is about 20'0 foot how was he Suppose to stop him but having faith in god and your self you could Do anything so David ends up going to kill goliath faith and he ends Up winning the fight a sling shot the reason why he won is because He put faith in god.

The reason why I decided to use my pastor as a speaker is because He speaks with a lot power he doesn't Jibber Jabber he speaks very Clear. And understandable most of the speeches that he do or say He put a lot of effort in research he speech so It like he really know What he is talking about.

I have been at this church for seven years and have went through 4 Preacher and by far he is the best speaker I have heard. Most of his Speeches are directly to a audience member And the thing that get's Me is that he does the same we do in this class he writes a outline On every speech so he really can't mess up on what his doing.

Some day I hope to grow up and become a great speaker like him.