'The Pasture' by Robert Frost

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Robert Frost's 'The Pasture' is a short, two-stanzapoem, which he requested be published at the beginning of all of his books. If one were to analyse some of the poems that gave an insight into Frost's personality and character, this would most definitely be the best place to start. The fact that he requested the frequent publication of this work suggests that there is something within it that Frost feels reveals an important aspect of his temperament.

The subject matter; going out to work, implies that Frost enjoyed his work as a farmer as he is at ease with nature. This side of Frost comes across frequently in his poetry as he explores the intricate details of his surroundings, and relays them to his reader. Frost's love of the outdoors is highlighted by the repetition of the phrase, 'I'm going out?' which begins each stanza, here the emphasis is on the word 'out', echoing his love of the outdoors.

The repetition of the phrase 'you come too' is also an important feature within the poem. It is an invitation to the reader to share Frost's life; both his experiences in the countryside and how he lives at home, through his poetry. The phrase could also be interpreted as Frost not wanting to be alone, he enjoys other's company and wants to share his special moments with friends. The final theme within this poem is the idea of having a fresh start. The poem begins with Frost expressing that he is going to 'clean the pasture spring'. He is getting rid of the dead leaves and, at the same time, his old life. The calf, which he speaks about in the second stanza, is a metaphor for his new one.

The poem is set out in...