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Pat Buchanan was the reform party presidential nominee for 2000. He writes for multiple smaller circulation newspapers, and is very politically active. Buchanan is also the leader of the reform party and is a head lobbyist for it. He was most active in the 2000 election, but still today, his party carries around 500,000 registered members, and he is considered a major voice for some political advocacy groups. Buchanan's political label is clear, he is a right-wing conservative in every way. Buchanan makes no compromises, and has no qualifications of his views; he is extreme right wing through and through.

Pat Buchanan expresses a right-wing conservative view on abortion. To quote Buchanan, "To me, abortion is the greatest evil on the American continent since slavery."(Manchester (NH) Union Leader, "Run as Buchanan", 5/19/99 May 19, 1999). This sums up his view utterly. Buchanan has expressed that he is completely pro-life, Buchanan himself gives a characterization of his no-compromises policy, "As a committed, no-compromise pro-life President, I will: insist that my running mate be pro-life, require that my nominees to the Supreme Court be pro-life, defund the abortion industry, push for passage of a Human Life Amendment to protect all unborn children."

( "Issues Library" Dec 1, 1999). Here again, Buchanan shows a right-wing attitude, granting not only restrictions on abortion, but providing for no exceptions to his concrete rules. Buchanan's views on abortion put him within the right-wing bracket completely.

Buchanan on gay rights said, "All lifestyles are not equal. All ideas are not equal. Some are wrong; some are right. And this is what America needs more than anything else; it needs truth. Now when it comes to myself and the leader of the gay rights movement nationally, [we] have identical constitutional rights. But I do not believe their ideas...