"Paths of Glory"

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The recent film that we viewed was "Paths of Glory" Directed by Stanley Kubrick and Produced by James B. Harris and Stanley Kubrick and was released in 1957. This movie stars and was also produced by famous actor Kurt Douglas. The music was by Gerald Fred and cinematography is credited to George Krause.

This movie takes place during World War 1 behind the French lines. It has a lot to do with the commanders and generals of war, the decisions that they make and the consequences of them. All the movies events stems of the generals decision to attack a German position with very little chance of winning the battle due to a lack of men and equipment.

During the charge at the German lines, the French lost a lot of men and were forced to retreat. The soldiers to were supposed to be the second wave of attack didn't even leave the trenches.

It was apparent that it was useless to attack after seeing wave slaughtered and gaining very little ground.

The highest ranking general that was in charge of the attack ordered his artillery units to fire upon his own men who didn't leave the trenches. The men refused to fire without written consent.

After the battle, two of the high ranking generals met with the Colonel played by Kurt Douglas about the outcome of the battle. The generals believed that the soldiers should be punished because of their coward ness not to take the German positions. They agreed that they would pick three men that would represent the soldiers to be trailed and make examples of for their failure under the Colonel's protest. But he granted the will to defend the men in the trail to spare they're lives.

After a short trail the...