The Patriot

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The movie, "The Patriot", was an excellent movie to watch. Not only because of the action that Mel Gibson brings to this film, but also because it had a lot to do with what we are learning in our history class. In this movie, Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a previous war hero with a reputation he's not proud of. Gibson finds himself in a difficult situation, when his son comes back from war in need of his help. After helping his son and other wounded soldiers, he meets a leader of the British soldiers. After finding out what Mel Gibson did to the soldiers, he kills his younger son and the remaining soldiers that were wounded during battle. After Gibson seeing his son shot in front of his own eyes decides to take manners into his own hands and gets involved in the battle for freedom between his countrymen and the British.

I think the filmmakers that produced this movie tried to stretch the history of this film in order to make it a five star movie. But most of the material presented is somewhat accurate. For example, the battle scenes were spectacular. They made it look so real and showed how the battles were fought during the 1800's. They showed the importance of the cannon ball and how important it was to have thousands of troops. I think this movie is a great movie to show to future history classes. The things showed may not be that accurate to the lectures presented in class but it still shows some historical contents, such as the colonial ways of life and the colonial wars that took place during the 1800's.