The Patriot

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The recent film The Patriot was my film of choice. I chose this film because I remembered during my first viewing actually commenting on the landscape. Which is something I rarely do because I'm usually too wrapped up in the characters and the actors portraying them.

This movie was fiction but it was based on real people and of course a real event the Revolutionary War. The setting is in South Carolina in 1776-1781, which is clearly given in the beginning and end of the movie. In the introduction a lot is said about the characters by their actions and interactions with one another. It shows that they appear to be a happy family and they are very excited that mailman has arrived. The main character is Captain Benjamin Martin who lives on a farm with his seven children and freed slaves that work for him. The plot of the movie revolves around this man, his older sons and family, war, and personal revenge.

At first you only see the strict and dedicated fatherly figure but as the movie progresses you see new facets of Benjamin Martin. Such as the Wilderness Campaign that you hear a lot about but never quite know his role until later in the movie. As a father he has five sons and two daughters named Gabrielle, Thomas, Samuel, Nathan, Margaret, William, and Susan. His wife has died and he along with their Aunt Charlotte is all the children have left. When the Assembly in Charlestown asked him to support their war effort against the British, he declined. Saying that the war won't be fought in some far away battlefield but their own backyard. He wanted to protect his children from the war but in the end he couldn't. At that time he thought if he...