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Patriotism Before the horrendous terrorist attacks, which occurred on September 11, 2001, I can honestly say that I never even wondered what it meant to be patriotic. I was never interested in what an impact the meaning of the American flag has on us as a country. Since the attacks, I have read my share of different patriotic views. After reading all these articles on patriotism, I have seen many different ways patriotism has been expressed, or should be expressed. Reading articles on patriotism has helped me to learn and understand how I feel about my own patriotic view.

War often stirs feelings of patriotism amongst citizens as the nation unites against a threat to its existence. The tragedy seemed to reinforce patriotism in many souls throughout America. Society is being more honest and less selfish regarding patriotism by expressing their feelings and by volunteering their time and donating money to various relief charities.

American flags have been sold across the country because people want to illustrate how much they care about and support America.

As the investigation of the attacks continues, I believe that patriotism will become more apparent. More calls for national unity will be heard; more American flags will be prominently displayed in public places. But historically, patriotism has not been an expression of the values of equality, justice, or freedom. It has more often been used as a tool to whip the public into agreement with decisions it had little hand in making and to silencing those who have different opinions. Patriotism will not proceed without showing its ugly side. I read in the newspaper that on September 12, an angry crowd of 300 gathered in from of a Muslim mosque in a Chicago suburb. One of those present said, "I am proud to be American...