Pattison's Four Traditions of Geography

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Understanding the Frameworks of Geography

A thought paper based on W. Pattison's Four Traditions of Geography

First and foremost, I would like to commend William D. Pattison whose interest in Geography has opened a door for him to express to the world his knowledge in this field through his article "The Four Traditions of Geography", which as he had stated was not for himself but as a contribution to the geographic community. He was successful in achieving his purpose of spreading his proposal to everyone so we can understand the exact aims of geography and so that we can use his ideas as our model to the proper analysis of the geography. Personally, my first impression of the said field was a study concerning maps and directions but after I read this article, I realized that they were only stars in a very large galaxy. Geography is a very broad topic and it covers almost all of the features of the planet earth.

In fact, even our own human activities are part of geography because it affects and it is affected by our planet.

Basically, he branded four traditions in the geographical aspect: 1) spatial tradition, 2) area studies tradition, 3) man-land tradition, and 4) earth science tradition. He stated that there was consistency and coherence to these, despite their wide differences to each other. To be honest, I had a hard time understanding this article because of my lack of information in geography. I can hardly digest that words I read in my mind but after extrapolating it a bit, I realized that this field of science is very interesting. In fact, I can also relate my course to geography. I am a BS Statistics student and I realized that there is statistics in geography as part of it...