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While going through readings and researches about George Patton and Erwin Rommel, every time I thought about how to contrast the two greatest Field Marshals of World War II, all I could think about was the rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Of course, if they have never faced each other on the game field. Both were heroes to their nations, but also were feared and, most of all, respected by the opponent.

Rommel was admired amongst the British. So much that ""doing a Rommel" was a synonym for anything executed competently and with a flare." He was an example of a "general who led from the front, saw for himself, and shared the hardships of his men", according to Americans and British, a long way before the end of the World War II. [1: Showalter, Dennis. Patton and Rommel: Men of War in the Twentieth Century. (New York: Berkley Caliber, 2005) 2.]

Patton was also a man respected by his enemy. The Germans believed that he was the general best prepared to "wage modern war". Considered creative and destructive, Patton knew that the usage of the tank in the battlefield was important to paralyze and destroy the enemy at a minor cost. Germans also believe that if Patton received a free hand from his superiors, the war would have a shorter time.[2: Ibid, 3.]

In the same idea, Patriots' fans admire Peyton Manning, while the supporters of the Indianapolis Colts, where Manning spent most of his professional career, have a large amount of respect for Tom Brady. However, no fan of these two clubs would even consider a trade between the quarterbacks. That is why I will analyze, contrast, and compare the characteristics of the two main field generals of World War II. Thus, I want to...