Paul Joseph Goebbels - His part in World War II and Nazi Propaganda

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Paul Jospeh Goebbels

Paul Jospeh Goebbels was born in 1897. When World War I began, he was kept out of service because of his clubfoot. Intstead, he attended the University of Heidelberg and graduated in 1921, receiving a Ph.D. He began a career as a journalist and wrote a few unsuccesful novels.

He afterwards joined the Nazi Party and worked with Gregor Strasser, who had control of the party in Northern Germany. As the split between Hitler and Strasser developed and deepened, he switched fealty to Hitler and was appointed District Part y Leader in Berlin, where he created a new method of Nazi propaganda. It was called Der Angriff {Attack}. He exploited the emotions of mobs and by employing all modern methods of propaganda, was crucial to Hitler's seizure of power.

In 1928, Goebbels was elected to the Reichstag, which was the House of Representatives of the Nazi German empire.

It consisted of members elected for a term of a three years by the direct vote of the people.

After Hitler seized total power in 1933 and became dictator of Nazi Germany, Goebbels was made Propaganda Minister. This position gave him complete dominance of all forms of media including radio, press, cinema, and theater. Later, he also managed to regiment the whole of German culture.

Goebbels placed his amazing amount of intelligence and brilliant insight into mass psychology entirely for the service of the Nazi Party. His most virulent propaganda was against the Jewish religion. As a captivating and even hypnotic orater, he was said to have been rivaled only by Adolf Hitler himself. In the staging of mass meetings and parades, he was unsurpassed by any.

As Berlin was falling to Soviet troops, he poisoned his entire family and shot himself. He was said to have...