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Paul's Missionary Journeys

Who Am I?

Conversion of Paul

Paul, originally called Saul, was not always a strong believer in Christ. I witnessed

with my own eyes him speaking against the Lord and everyone who believes in

him. He especially hated the Disciples. He would kill them if they were ever in his

sight. He even asked the High priest for letters to the synagogue in Damascus

where if he ever found anyone who belonged to the way that he will take them as

prisoners. I followed him on his way to Damascus to see if there was any way to

change his mind. On the way a light from Heaven above shined down. Paul was

stunned. Then finally we heard "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me". Paul was

frail and his face was as white as snow. Soon after he started to scream and say

he could not see anything. Paul was blind as a bat because of the beam of light.

Some other men came outside of Damascus and they all helped with me to lead

him into the city of Damascus. Paul stayed there for three days still stunned. He

refused to...