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Rhetorical AnalysisTitle : Pay It ForwardWe have recently watched a movie named Pay It Forward in our writing class. It's about a life learning experience where couple of characters are involved in this long journey of experiences, where everyone learns to gave something back to next person they meet. This all started with Mr. Simonet, a 7th grade classroom teacher, instructed his students to " Think of an idea to change our world and put it into Action". Trever of all the student in the class , had the greatest impact and interpretation of Mr. Simonet's assignment. He ran with it and touched so many people's life's .

Character's in the movie :Trevor - the sonArlene- the single motherMr. Simonet - the teacherThe rich lawyer and his daughterChris Chander - the reportJerry - the homelessSidney - the ER manGrace - GrandmamaPay It Forward was created to educated the audiences and to attract people's attention.

It's very knowledge piece of art work put together. The producer shows several different ways in which we can change the world no matter who you are, you can change the world by putting your thoughts into action and this portrayed by his character Trevor. For example, Trevor's first react when he got the assignment was to help someone right away and what he does is that , he amazingly brings this homeless guy called Jerry to his home. Thinking and believing that he can help him rebuild his life. So he gave my money to get some clothes, so that he looks clean when is looking for a job. Unfounely , Jerry the homeless guy never comes back again . But Trevor doesn't get discourage by that , he just crosses off his name of his list of people that had and...