Pay For Play In The NCAA

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Pay for Play in the NCAA

Pay for play is the most controversial topic in the world of college sports. There has been an immense controversy as to whether or not collegiate student-athletes should be compensated for their work. Pay for play is not a new topic of discussion and has been occurring for a number of years, yet is has recently gained national attention. There have been a multitude of pay for play schemes that have been leaked to the public and there are a plethora of them that haven't been leaked or made known to the general public. Pay for play schemes have been going on for decades and recent allegations against players like Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, Terrell Pryor, and Johnny Manziel come to mind, but the reality is that there are many schemes that haven't been leaked and that number grossly outweighs those that have been leaked.

Most people believe that a full ride scholarship would be plenty for a college student athlete, but even with that scholarship, many NCAA athletes must make a decision on whether to pay for food or the rent. This stress piles on top of the everyday stresses of schoolwork and heavily impacts the student-athletes and the first part of their name, the student part, which should come first. With their scholarship on the line, students are forced to place their performance in their sport ahead of their academics, thus the term athlete-student becomes more appropriate than student-athlete. Because the sheer amount of money that is driven to the university by these players grossly outweighs the amount received through a scholarship, collegiate athletes are not being compensated enough for their work. The NCAA is an economically thriving business and should financially compensate its students who can't even afford to pay...