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Mission Statement In agreement with the Government and the California Hospital Acts, the Board of Directors, the medical staff and employees of JJML are dedicated to providing healthcare services around the clock to ill patients of the community in a cost-effective and respectful manner. With a commitment to the continuous improvement of quality and service we will provide ?premier emergency, trauma, critical care and ambulatory centers providing high quality services to all patients within the communities serviced, regardless of the person's religious, racial or ethnic identification or economic status.?(Detroit,R.H) Vision Statement ?To continually seek opportunities to expand the continuum of health services provided to our patients and the community and enhance the quality of services rendered through superior health care offering.?(Greenville,H.).

?To create a workplace environment that recognizes and rewards the importance of each employee to the delivery of health care and fosters opportunities for career development, teamwork, and respect for each individual employed?(Greenville,H.).

?To anticipate and respond to the needs and expectations of the diverse population of patients, physicians, providers and fellow employees?(Greenville,H.).

?To maintain a position of financial strength, efficiency, and sound management practices.?(Greenville,H.).

Values Individual Worth: ?We affirm that the individuals we serve share with us common needs, rights, desires and strengths. We celebrate cultural diversity and individual uniqueness and commit ourselves to support and enable each person's choices and preferences?(San Antonio, H).

Quality: ?We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do? (San Antonio, H) Integrity: ?We believe that personal and professional integrity and ethical behavior is the basis of public trust?(San Antonio, H).

Dedication: ?We take pride in commitment to public service and to the support of the people, we are privileged to serve?(San Antonio, H).

Innovation: ?We are committed to developing an environment, which inspires and promotes innovation, fosters dynamic leadership,