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College can get really expensive. The price of college increases about $800.00 dollars a year. Yes that is a lot. But you have to consider all the things you are paying for. Tuition fees, Room & Board, Books and Supplies, Transportation, and other personal stuff. A lot of average parents (or students if they are living by themselves) have problems paying for college. College costs very if you are going to a public school in state or out of state. This year a college in state is $13,136.00 A public college out of stat this year is $19,730.00. That is more that 6 and a half thousand dollars more!!! It costs that much because the person doesn't live in that state so they don't pay the taxes for that state. Public colleges run on taxes from the people. If that wasn't enough there is also private colleges. Private colleges don't run on taxes so they are a lot much more money.

This year a private college is about $29,350.00!!! Is that a huge difference or what? But don't freak out there are ways to help you pay for college. Some people take part time jobs to help them pay for college. But sometimes that is not enough. There are other ways to. Most students get loans. Loans are given by a foundation like the government or college where they give you money so you can go to the college but you have to pay it back with a little extra money. But some students are lucky. Some students are interested in a special profession where the government or college will pay you to go to the college. And no. . . You don't have to pay it back. It's sad to say that that doesn't happen very often though. Another...