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Paying to use beaches in Australia will be such blight to this magnificent country. A country that is intended to be a 'free country', one in which is looked upon by so many as having so many intact natural wonders; no wonder there is such a great stink about the issue of 'paying to use our beaches in Australia.'

Governments suggestions of making people pay for using their own beaches does not only have one or two troubles; this ridiculous suggestion would bring up far too many points of problems. Apart from the burden of people having to pay we would be faced with things like employing people to collect money around the clock. Then we run into the trouble of the vast lengths of the beaches and having ot somehow fence them off so that people cannot get in with out paying. Poorer people will also have to find money jus so that they can enjoy time at the beach.

Then the issue branches into problems like the loss of tourists therefore the general public loosing interest so small businesses will go bankrupt.

As quoted from Patrick Smythe (a resident of beach side suburb) "You cant buy the sea and the sand just as you cant but the air we breathe. And, like the air we breathe everyone has the right to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. The beach must never become a place that only the rich can afford to use." This is as close as an expert you can get, living in the area Mr. Smythe knows all the benefits and obviously knows the amount of people that flock into beaches to enjoy their beauty.