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PBS Video SeriesVideo 1 - Isn't evolution just a theory?Many people have different theories for how they came to earth. They ask if its correct to say that there just theories. In my opinion evolution is just a theory and it's just a common misconception, because the scientist who believe what they believe weren't alive at the time everything came to life. They don't have enough evidence and theories are just the heart of science.

Some people also ask f gravity is just a theory too? I say gravity is not just a theory because unlike Darwin who wasn't sure if he should say anything about his beliefs, because of the reactions of other people. The gravity theory actually does make sense and the evidence of it goes well together.

Video 2 - Who was Charles Darwin?Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who had a fascination in nature. He took a 5-year voyage.

He went to many places, including Galapagos Islands. Darwin always shared his thoughts with his brother, but was scared to share it with the rest of world. He had doubts in his mind about his beliefs.

It took Darwin 25 years to finally tell his thoughts to the world in a book called, "The Origin Of Species." Scientist believed that Darwin had a very revolutionary idea because of how well he presented his thoughts in a Natural Selection way. He thought outside of the box and put together a scientific based theory, which caused many people to question the topic of the creation.

Video 4 - How Does Evolution Really Work?Evolution works by natural selection. Natural selection is that populations change in response to environmental conditions and become adapted to conditions and then change over time. Scientist believes that natural selection is an important factor in...