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The is always an ongoing battle between Macs and PCs. People are always giving very persuasive arguments against the Mac or PC, but as we all know, there can only be one victor in a fight.

Personal Computers are more compatible with software, supports different types of hardware, and are cheaper than Macintoshes. Many people like Macintoshes but throughout this essay, the reader will come to a new light if the reader hasn't already.

Since the dawn of the first operating systems, Macs and Pc's have been competing for computer domination. However over the years, Macs have become something of a pretty lookalike to a real computer. People boast so much about how Macs are so great because they come with movie editing programs and such. Unfortunately for the Mac user, Windows has copious amounts of video editing software. According to guidenet.net, "Mac though PCI, has a severely video subsystem so if your into advanced 3-D rendering, Windows is the clear winner here."

This quote is basically explaning how Windows based PCs will render a video faster than a Mac, so if you have a lot of time, a Mac is for you. So, why should we be stuck in the evil monarchy of apple to only get to choose one or two programs? On http://www.kernelthread.cpm/mac/osx/software.html the graphics/media software for the Mac is small. It is a relatively small list when compared to a Windows program list, but even still, most of the markets for those programs are conquered by Adobe and Apple. On a Mac running OS X, there are 20 graphics, media, and publishing programs. On a Windows operating based system, there are literally hundreds of programs that can do the same exact thing.

When a computer needs to be upgraded and it's a Mac, your...