PD/H/PE - Health Issues and Young People

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1a.Identify and discuss the main types of depression suffered by young people in Australia.

There are three main types of depression affecting young Australians. These are depressed mood; Dysthymia; and major depression - in order of significance.

Depressed mood is when a person feels miserable and often cries - generally a result from minor problems or loss. People usually feel better after talking about it or doing something they enjoy. As it is one of the less severe types of depression, it doesn't usually interfere with daily activities.

Dysthymia is a mild depression that may last over a year with young people. They may feel hopeless, loss of pleasure they once enjoyed, develop eating and sleeping disorders and appear despondent most of the time. This disorder often begins in adolescence and crosses the lifespan.

Major Depression (Clinical Depression) is characterised by a severely depressed mood a that usually takes place rapidly - often triggered by a traumatic event (e.g.

death, broken relationship). However, it may also have no apparent cause. Signs of major depression include insomnia, discontent in daily activities, mood reactivity, anorexia, increased drug use, behavioural problems and preoccupation with death and suicide.

Source - http://www.abc.net.au/health/depression/whatis.htm / Life Matters / QuantumThe sources above are articles of how some young patients felt at the time of depression.

1b.Through analysis of recent statistics, outline the extent of depression and suicide amongst young Australians todayDepression and suicide has become one of the major issues in our society. It has been recorded that one in five adolescents is affected by mental health problems and disorders and up to 90% of young people who commit suicide have been experiencing depression or mental health problems within 10 years of being diagnosed.

From recent statistics, there were 2213 suicides recorded in...