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THE P.E. DRESS POLICY I have been going to ______________________ school for about __________ years now years now my one major complaint is the P.E. dress policy. In this essay I will list the pros and cons on this certain subject. _____________ has a very strict policy on the dress code, which is hard on my fellow students and me. I hope that by the end of this essay I have proven my point about the P.E. dress policy.

_____________ is very strict we have to dress out every day or will be subjected to the P.E. discipline policy. Some strictness is good; to set firm rules but ______________ goes to far. Some examples of the discipline action are: 1st nonsuit warning, timeout, and call home all the way up to 5th nonsuit, which is suspension. I agree with some of the disciplinary action but suspension is going to far.

Students would be more willing to dress out if the uniforms were more fashionable. I agree with people who think this isn't a fashion show it's a class, but if it was even a little bit better ___________students would be happier. The colors are so dull and lifeless if they would brighten it up a bit students would be thankful. They could have students make a different picture to put on the shirt. If they would try these things students would dress out more often.

I agree that everyone should dress out everyday, but if you have an injury you shouldn't have to. Teachers expect everyone to dress out even students that have injuries. Doctors' note excuses students from participation points but not the dress points. If a person has a broken arm or leg it's painful for them to get dressed for P.E. and should be excused. If they change the rule a little it would make things a lot easier on us students.

As you see by my examples the P.E. dress policy is strict but by making a few changes it could be a little easier on the students. ____________is a great school with some fair rules, but the P.E. dress policy needs to be changed before I consider it fair. With a few minor changes listed in this essay the students would be willing to dress out more. I hope that I have made my point and have been able to change your point of view on the subject.