The Peace and Freedom Party of California.

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Elections inch closer and Republicans and Democrats attempt to verify why voters should agree with their policies. The major parties develop a general stance on national issues in order to attract voters. Third parties, though not heavily portrayed in the media, have decisive, specific policies ready for implementation. The Peace and Freedom Party of California, lead by Leonard Peltier, calls for a socialist democracy, a reform in environmental policies, the rights of immigrants and women, and an end to all United States intervention abroad. The Peace and Freedom Party argues that, "Instead of disappearing between elections like Republicans and Democrats, the PFP stays active in the community." By using the word "active," the Peace and Freedom Party means protests, boycotts, and other methods of pursuing social change.

The Peace and Freedom party states, "The PFP from the very beginning has been a strong advocate for the protection of the environment from pollution and nuclear waste."

They then immediately establish a protective tone regarding environmental policies by labeling their environment platform as "Defense against the environment." This protective tone, with further promotions, intentionally challenges a voter's character and reasoning by using persuasive arguments for environmental policy.

The Peace and Freedom Party challenges voters to reflect on personal character, or ethos, in their campaign by depicting the environment and workers as important innocent aspects of human life, which are taken advantage of by capitalism and greed. The following statement is posted on the official Peace and Freedom Party website; "In a blind search for profit, capitalism undermines the source of wealth -workers and the earth" (Peace and Freedom). This challenges the voter's character because it basically states that the industrious ways of Americans are so intently focused on economic expansion that pollution and occupation of natural land are concerns only when it...