Peace Keeping in Iraq

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On the 20th of March, 2003, the United States declared war with Iraq, causing people to lose their houses, jobs, and even their loved ones. This war being still waged today even without a Iraqi rebel leader. Still the US army continues on foreign land.

Peace by fear was the technique used by the United States of the Americas to maintain peace with Iraq even after the Saddam Hussein was caught. The meaning of peace by fear is when two or more countries maintain peace because one fears the other. The USA soldiers are there mainly there to make Iraq into a democratic land with no terrorist activity, they will rebuild from the political power to the physical buildings. A part of the population still fears the Americans. And some of the people decide to rebel against the US military, such as planting bombs, viruses, or even killing soldiers.

This means that the pacification between Iraq and USA will be delayed.

Until today the United States army continues in the foreign land to maintain the peace, but there are problems to get to reach a peace condition. Their main objective is to give the Iraqi people civil rights such as no discrimination based on gender, religion, race, or any other kind, the right of freedom of belief, and speech, finally the right to vote. By giving those people a democracy, they have achieved half of their goals. The army will stay there until the terrorists' attacks stops, because they cause more people to die, lose their jobs and also lose their homes. With the help that the peace by fear provokes it makes the terrorist attacks decrease. In 2007, 492 American soldiers had died, until September of this year only 125 men died, proving that the conflict is starting...