peace like a river

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Peace like a River

If you had to pick between the law and your family you would probably have a easy decision. Most people would pick there family because they love them, and nothing else would really matter but them. For example if something bad happened to a family member you would to anything for them. Characters in books are mostly choose there family over the law. In Peace like a River, Leif Enger emphasizes how each character somehow chooses there family.

All through the book Swede was on Davy's side. She thought that family was more important then the law. When Davy was in jail Swede was thinking of plans to break Davy out because she cared so much. Another example of Swede choosing family is when Mr. Andreeson comes in to the picture. She did not like him at all, and she did not trust him with anything.

When he first came to the house when he started to talk about how they wanted to find Davy, right then she did not like him. A main reason Swede would take Davy's side would be because when she got kidnapped by Tommy and Basca. She believed that Davy did not need consequences for his actions.

Reuben has mixed feelings over choosing his family over the law. During the beginning of the book Reuben thinks the same as Swede, that Davy did the right thing for the family. After he is talking to his dad he realizes that he Davy does deserve consequences for what he did. When Reuben sees Davy for the first time in the hills he threatens his that if he does not tell him where he lives he will tell dad. When Jeremiah goes with Mr. Andreeson to drive around,