Peace of Mind

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Ava Auley

English 11CP

Ms. Bright

5 May 2014

Peace of Mind

Patients who are suffering every day with an illness that will eventually kill them shouldn't have the option of medically sedating themselves to end their lives peacefully, should they? According to advocates for keeping euthanasia illegal, medically sedating oneself to the point of terminating their awareness through the use of drugs that induce sleep is a violation of human morality (Blocher par. 5). Euthanasia is only legal in Oregon, where there are still strict laws and ways to prevent the system from being abused. Although euthanasia is intentional suicide, it ultimately is the same idea as hospice care, so why make it illegal? Hospice claims to be an organization that never intentionally medically sedates one to the point of unconsciousness, but rather an organization that uses medicine to ease the pain of its patients; sometimes to the point of making a patient permanently unconscious.

Euthanasia is the use of prescription drugs to end one's life. Terminally ill patients should have the option of ending their lives in a peaceful in pain free way, without having to do so secretly and illegally.

For the last few decades, euthanasia has been an illegal practice. Most advocates for keeping euthanasia illegal claim that no person has the right to play God and make the decision to end his or her life. When a cancer patient spends his or her days suffering from pain, which becomes unbearable as time goes on, that patient should then have the choice to end his or her suffering. Morally, euthanasia does not look good for doctors administering the medicine. A doctor's job is to make a patient's way of life better for them. It is argued that any doctor who provides their patient with drugs capable...