Peace Will Never Be Established In the Middle East.

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Peace will never be established in the Middle East due to

the fact of many contributing forces causing conflict. In the following

essay i

will explain these factors and how there will never be peace in the

Middle East

in the Middle East there are many different examples of ethnic conflict

in the

middle East. Maybe one of the well known conflicts is the Arab-Israeli

conflict. This conflict is a very clear example of why peace will never


established in the Middle East. The Arabs are fighting against the


over the "holy land" of Palestine.(Bernards,10) the orgin of this

problem comes from the British documents, Husein-McMahon

Correspondance and the Balfour Declaration, which promisies the same

land to

both the Arabs and Isrealis. Arabs and Isrealis have been fighting since


There have been many major wars such as the War of Independance (1948),


Suez War (1956), Six Day War (1967) and the Yon-Kippur War (1763).


there are some people called extremists that take this conflict to

extreme(Shapiro)most are moderates. Some examples of extremists are


bombers and terrorists. They resort to more violence to hurt the mostly

innocents siviallans. There has been several peace treaties signed but


fighting still contunies. The Armenians and the Ottoman Empire is


reason why there will be no peace in the Middle East. The Armenians are


first people to become victums of genocide. The Turks justitied thier


killing of the Armenians by accusing the Armenians of siding with enemy.

The European imperialism also fuels the fire of conflict burning in the


East. The Europeans colonized the Middle East in order to exploit thier


water and oil. Britian and French created mandates in many Middle East

contries. The French built the Suez Canal. It allowed...